How Healing Touch Heals

The body, whether it is human, animal or plant, contains an energy system. This system consists of energy centers located within the body, and an electromagnetic biofield, which surrounds the body. The electromagnetic energy of the body is what is measured in an EEG, EKG, or MRI.

The energy system can become closed or out of balance as a result of an accident, surgery, or even from emotional or mental upsets. When the biofield or the energy centers are allowed to remain out of balance, or even closed for a period of time, the body starts to exhibit symptoms. These symptoms may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. For optimal health and healing the energy system needs to be at its optimum.

Healing Touch assists the body in achieving what it was designed to do - self-heal. This self-healing occurs in many ways on a daily basis. Cuts, bruises, even broken bones all self-heal. From a physical perspective, the physician may assist the body by setting a broken bone, but ultimately, it is the body that heals the break. Healing Touch assists the body in reaching optimal health from an energetic perspective rather than a physical one.

Healing Touch is used in conjunction with Western medicine. It is not necessary for the patient to understand or "believe in" energy medicine to feel the benefits: this is not faith healing. For many people, however, Healing Touch does produce powerful sensations of warmth, flow, vibration, and release.

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